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Candida Auris: The Dangerous and Lethal Fungus Infection Spreading Across the Nation

Candida Auris is a drug-resistant fungus infection that is spreading rapidly across the United States, including Southern Nevada.Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned thatCandida Auris poses a nationwide threat to public health. In this article, we will explore what Candida Auris is, its symptoms, how it spreads, and what can be done to prevent its spread.

Thyroid Problems: Surprising Signs to Watch For

Thyroid problems are very common in the United States, with about 1 in 12 people experiencing thyroid issues in their lifetimes.

The Link Between Blood Type and Health

As many wonderful ways, there are that we can be unique, we can add to that list one more: blood types. Eight distinct blood groups exist: O, A, B and AB blood type, with each of these types appearing as positive or negative. Many people don’t know what blood type they have, but it can be important to learn this information, as it can make it easier to plan medical treatments and inspire you to donate blood for others.

Smart Strategies for Taking Supplements

While your primary source of vitamins and minerals should be the foods you eat, it’s not always possible to get your daily intake from vitamins in food. When that happens, taking individual vitamins, a multivitamin or other supplements is a smart idea.

Celebrate American Heart Month

Every February, we see heart decorations as signs of love in celebration of Valentine’s Day. However, February is also the time to celebrate American Heart Month to raise awareness for heart disease and promote ways to help improve heart health.

Surprising Signs of Inflammation

Inflammation is usually a sign that your body’s immune system is at work. When it has detected the type of illnesses and injuries that cause inflammation, your immune system responds by sending out, among other things, inflammatory cells. These cells’ job is to contain bacteria and heal tissue, but this amazing work is accompanied, unfortunately, by symptoms of inflammation.