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5 Ways to Prevent Heat Stroke in a Heat Wave

As temperatures soar, so do Laredo Emergency Room visits for heatstroke. A potentially fatal condition, heatstroke is more serious than heat exhaustion, though symptoms can be similar. Let’s look first at how to identify the signs of heat illness like heat stroke and heat exhaustion. 

6 Ways to Keep Kids Safe and Healthy This School Year

We want our children to learn all they can in school — and have fun! — but we also want them to be as safe and healthy as possible. Fortunately, you can set your kids up for success and help them stay healthy, even at school. Here are our tips.

Head Injuries and Children: When to Take Your Child to the Doctor

From running around on the playground to rolling off the couch to taking a hard hit while playing football, head injuries in children are a possibility at any age – and when it happens, it’s always a major concern for parents.

Sick baby? When to Seek Medical Attention

When it comes to caring for a baby, there are so many factors to keep track of, from sleeping habits to feeding schedules. Making things even more complicated is the fact that the scale of what’s appropriate and what’s concerning varies greatly from one child to the next.

How To Manage Pediatric Seizures

By the age of 16, 1 in 20 children will have experienced a pediatric seizure. Although it’s somewhat common among children, it doesn’t make it any less alarming for the parents of a child who’s experiencing a seizure.

Common Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies

Sometimes, it’s simply unavoidable: You find yourself in a situation where you have to bring your child to the emergency room. It’s never ideal, but it can be particularly stressful in the event of respiratory distress.