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Why You Can’t Sleep

Every night across America, millions of adults toss and turn, failing to get the deep, restful sleep they need. In fact, the Institute of Medicine estimates that 50 million to 70 million adults struggle with sleep. But why is sleep so elusive for so many people?

The Great Outdoors Is Great for Mental Health

Getting outside does more than expose us to the sights, sounds, smells and textures of mother nature. It’s more than walks in the park or quick games of flag football. More than wind in your hair and sun on your skin. Outdoor time has actually been shown to boost mental health – and even overall health.

Too Little Sleep May Increase Risk for Dementia and Diabetes

Tossing and turning makes for a terrible night’s sleep, and if you’re experiencing sleep problems on a nightly basis, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans regularly struggle with sleep. However, just because disturbed sleep is common doesn’t mean you should accept it. Not only is disordered sleep frustrating; it’s also a health risk.

Living Well after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer turns life upside down – for both the patient and loved ones. Along with worrying about cancer care treatment, prognosis, access to resources, expected medical costs and the logistics of receiving services, there are many more emotional and personal aspects to face. Cancer patients wonder how their cancer diagnosis and treatment will affect personal relationships, intimacy, their ability to care for themselves and their family, and much more.

Eating right for liver health

Even though only 4.5 million adults in the United Sates have been diagnosed with liver disease, the American Liver Foundation estimates that as many as 100 million people have fatty liver disease and simply do not know it.

Why is National Influenza Vaccination Week important?

December 5 – 9 is the CDC’s National Influenza Vaccination Week, an important reminder to us all that there’s still time to protect yourself against the flu by getting the influenza vaccine. While it may not be an exciting occasion that’s fun to celebrate, National Influenza Vaccination Week actually saves lives by encouraging people to get this critical annual vaccine.