What are burns?

One of the most painful types of injuries, a burn on the skin obviously can be the result of heat – but also of chemicals, electricity, radiation, and sunlight. Burns are typically rated in terms of degree, with first degree being the mildest, affecting only the outermost layer of skin, to third degree, which entails damage to the deepest layer of skin and even underlying tissues.

Depending on their severity, burns can cause anything from mild redness and discomfort to an array of outcomes that include swelling, blistering, scarring, shock, and even death. With such a wide variety of possible consequences, treatment for burns is tailored to the patient depending on the cause and severity of the burn. Treatment can range from antibiotic ointments to hospitalization and surgical procedures.

Laredo Emergency Room treats burns most often from scalds by hot liquids or accidents that occur while building fires or handling flammable substances. Most burns can be prevented by following safety precautions, so we encourage you to practice fire safety, exercise caution around stoves and ovens, turn your hot water heater temperature below 120 F, and follow all manufacturer instructions when handling flammable liquids and gasses.


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