Improve Your Mindset, Improve Your Workouts!

June 7, 2018 by Liz Morgan

Exercise can improve your mood and attitude. What you might not know is that the reverse is also true: a positive attitude can improve your workouts. It’s pretty easy to see, then, that a positive attitude/powerful workout can be a great back and forth cycle that can really get you healthy, fit, and strong.


But how do you accomplish this in the first place? How can you overcome a lack of confidence that may be hindering your performance in the gym? It turns out that turning your mindset around isn’t as hard as you might think, as long as you take it one step at a time:


  • Set attainable goals – You are more likely to feel like a winner when you set realistic workout goals for yourself each day, based on how you feel that day. If you’re steadily building up repetitions and staying healthy – great! Keep going! But if you find yourself injured, don’t be discouraged. Adjust your goals based on what you can accomplish – and do as much as you can to stay on track.
  • See yourself winning – Whatever your ultimate goal is – competing in a triathlon, bench pressing a certain weight – picture yourself doing exactly that. Doing so can help you get in a mindset that will get you ready to work toward your goals.
  • Encourage yourself – No matter how you are feeling – whether inadequate, confused, or discouraged – you can always remind yourself that you can achieve your goals. When faced with real obstacles, like injuries, it’s important to stay positive but also be as compassionate with yourself as you would be with a workout buddy. Adjust your routine as needed but remind yourself of your successes to stay on track. Even just giving yourself a pep talk, like you would with a workout partner, can help elevate your mood, improve your attitude, and lead to better performance.
  • Disconnect – The headlines in the news from around the world can get us feeling down, so make sure you head into every workout with a clear head. Disconnect from news media or other sources of discouraging news and focus on just you. Listen to music and warm up. Or listen to complete silence as you meditate. Free yourself from the worries of the world, even if only for a short time, so that you can focus on a proper mindset for a killer workout.
  • Find support – Building a support network – even if it’s just one person cheering you on – can also help you stay motivated and ready to succeed. Supportive people can also help keep you accountable, positive, and moving toward your goals.
  • Give yourself a break – Give yourself permission to take a breather from your workouts when you really need it. Sometimes our bodies just need some recuperation time, and that’s OK. Use that time to continue to chart your path toward achieving your goals.
  • Then keep going – When you’re ready to work out again, give it all you’ve got – and remember the successes that have gotten you to where you are. Keep your goals in your sights and believe – really believe – you’ll reach them. And you will.


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