Stand Up! Tips for a More Active Workday

May 29, 2018 by Liz Morgan

If someone were to tell you that the simple act sitting down could put your health at risk, would you believe them? Sitting may seem like the most innocent of tasks, but studies have shown that extended periods of uninterrupted sitting may raise your risk of serious illnesses like heart disease or diabetes. Sitting is an unavoidable professional hazard for most of us, but there are steps you can take to increase your daily levels of mobility.


Ways to Sit Less and Move More

  • Nudge yourself – set an alarm on your phone or smart watch to remind yourself to get up at least once every 90 minutes.
  • Go mobile – need to take an important phone call? Walk and talk! But be aware of your surroundings, distracted walking and talking can put you and others at risk.
  • Get personal – instead of emailing or calling your coworkers, walk over to their space for a face-to-face discussion.
  • Step it up – keep track of your daily steps with your smart phone or watch, or a fitness tracker.
  • Go the distance – take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator.
  • Try a standing desk – if your office allows for work at a counter or for a motorized standing desk, opt for the standing option.




If you need another reason to consider standing, making time to stand can also help you burn calories. By taking just one hour a day to stand, you could potentially burn over 300 additional calories per day.


Consider these tips the next time you feel chained to your desk. Now get up and get moving!


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