Top 5 Places to Exercise in Laredo

March 20, 2017 by Veronica Garcia

When it comes to exercising, it seems like people are never at a loss for new excuses. “I work too much,” “I don’t have time,” “My kid needs help with their homework,” “I walk a lot at my job…” the list goes on and on. But even in a small town like Laredo, “I don’t have anywhere to work out,” is the last excuse you should make for why you aren’t working out.

From world-class fitness centers to parks and yoga studios, these are the best places to work out in Laredo.

  • Gold’s Gym: For a well-rounded workout complete with weights, cardio, and just about everything in between, check out either of the two Gold’s Gym locations in Laredo Texas. Both locations also feature courses, bilingual staff, swimming pools, and anything else you may need to get fit at a safe and fun space.
  • Casa Yoga: Looking for something a little more peaceful? Check out Casa Yoga on Calle Del Norte. Their 18 incredible instructors offer a variety of yoga and barre fitness courses for all skill and intensity levels. Whether you want to dial up the heat and sweat off the pounds or you’re still stretching your way into fitness, Casa Yoga has something for you.
  • Inner City Pool: Looking for a cardio option that isn’t running? Try swimming! Swimming is a full-body workout that tones muscles, builds endurance, raises your heart rate, and helps you lose weight! Inner City Pool on W. Plum is Laredo’s first heated pool and is open year-round for lap swimming and water aerobics.
  • Rock Fitness: Sometimes the gym atmosphere isn’t the most friendly environment for women. To help address this problem, Rock Fitness is the only gym in Laredo that offers an entire women’s workout center open exclusively to ladies. However, Rock Fitness still has plenty to offer for everyone, man or woman. Between their intense classes, the amazing smoothie bar, and state-of-the-art equipment, Rock Fitness is a solid choice for getting your fitness goals off the ground.
  • Crunch Fitness: Crunch Fitness is a fantastic gym on Polaris Dr. and is perfect for newcomers and fitness lovers alike. Other than their variety of features, what we love most about Crunch is their “No Judgment” policy. Like us, they believe that fitness is something for everyone, and they encourage all of their guests to stay motivated and be respectful each time they visit.

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