The 5 Healthiest Ways to Beat Stress

April 25, 2016 by Fadi Moughnieh

No matter how even-tempered or relaxed you may be, stress happens to everyone.  However, just because stress is universal that doesn’t mean we should just accept it and live with it!  If left unmanaged, stress can do lasting damage to your health. It can reduce your entire quality of life.  But there’s good news: yes, it’s totally possible to manage stress without medication, so that you can lead a happier, healthier life.

Take a look at these simple, stress-beating techniques you can put into action today!

Listen to Your Favorite Music

While we tend to associate our favorite songs with good times, they can be equally helpful when things aren’t feeling so great.  Studies have shown that songs with 60 beats per minute make your brain produce alpha brainwaves, which help you feel relaxed.  Music with different rhythms and tempos can still help you relieve stress: focusing on the patterns can restore a sense of order and security to your thinking, eliminating the chaos and clutter that usually come with stress.

Get Active

As good as working out is for your physical health, getting up and being active goes a long way towards improving your state of mind.  Getting up and being active gives you room to clear your head.  Also, getting active relieves the painful body tension associated with stress.

You don’t necessarily have to do a full set at the gym, either.  A short walk around the parking lot or some light stretching, getting up and moving your body for just a few minutes can release the valuable endorphins your body needs to put things back in perspective.

Let Yourself Laugh

Simply step away from it all every now and then.  Take your mind elsewhere with a funny movie, TV show or podcast and let laughter melt your stress away! It’s not just about distraction.  Studies have shown that the extra oxygen you inhale during laughter can stimulate your organs and help you produce stress-relieving endorphins.

Eat Healthy Meals

Correcting your diet can leave lasting improvements in your overall mental health!  If you find that stress is consistently getting the best of you, cut out added sugars and caffeine.  While they may feel like a quick fix at the time, they ultimately throw off your body’s natural rhythms and energy levels. Instead, reach for leaner options such as fish and turkey breast along with fruits and vegetables.  Fish can be particularly helpful thanks to high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help your body relieve symptoms of stress.

 Call A Good Friend

Sometimes, the best option is to just let it all out.  If the weight of your stress ever starts to feel like it’s too much to bear, don’t hesitate to call a good friend or a loved one to talk it all out.  Sometimes simply saying things out loud to a sympathetic ear is all you need to soothe your stress and get back on the right track.

Whatever you do, don’t let stress push you towards unhealthy habits such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco or fatty foods.  While these things may seem like a good fix at the time, they’ll only make things worse in the long run.  By taking good care of yourself inside and out, you’ll find yourself better prepared to handle stress and get back to the life you deserve!

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