Stress-Relieving Gifts for the Holidays

December 19, 2016 by Fadi Moughnieh

Holidays: the perfect time to gather around family, sip seasonal beverages and enjoy what your life has given you. Oh, and also the time to worry about gift-giving, deal with holiday travel, handle kids that are out of school and interact with difficult family members.

The holidays can take both relaxation and stress to their extremes. What better way to counter one extreme feeling with great gifts of the other? Relaxation gifts, that is. Here are some stress-relieving gift ideas for everyone this holiday season.

Coloring Books

For a long time, coloring books were mainly for young children. They had big, bold spaces for developing motor skills and color combinations. Occasionally, you would find a book with more detail for an older child, perhaps around themes such as animals or popular television characters and movies.

In recent years, however, the coloring book for adults has become hugely popular. There are books for every level of detail and interest. They come in all themes, from abstract mandalas to pictures of nature. Some even have naughty or historical pictures to fill in.

Studies have shown that adult coloring books help relieve stress by inducing a mental wavelength similar to that obtained by meditating. Just as you might feel relaxed knitting or sewing, coloring books provide a meditative and calming activity for young and older artists alike.

The best news? You don’t need to be Picasso to enjoy a coloring book. All you need is a set of colored pencils or crayons!

Bath Products

While bath products may be a go-to for gift-givers who can’t find a perfect preset, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who will turn down a bubble bath or lotion. Especially in cold weather, when skin becomes dry and itchy, bath products can be a lifesaver.

Add to that the bonus of aromatherapy, and you have a formula for stress-busting success. With bath products you can pick and choose from, and sometimes even create your own blends to make the perfect scent combination.

Lavender is a go-to for promoting sleep, as well as geranium, orange peel, bergamot, and ylang ylang. A personalized scent will bring the best out of the bath products and show extra time and care was taken to pick them.

Eye Masks

Eye masks are a great gift for many reasons, and not just for catching some shuteye. Aside from blocking out natural light and making it easier to fall asleep, they also gently press on the eyelids to welcome a sense of comfort.

Many eye masks these days come with fillable extras. They can be kept in the freezer or refrigerator in case of a migraine. Some are even microwavable, so that they can be used as a heat pack as well.

Some masks include aromatherapy with lavender-filled eye cushions releasing a relaxing scent. You can also use essential oils to mix and match your own scents for your loved one or at least help them take a much-needed break.

Relaxation Apps

Cassette tapes have become a thing of the past, and the new name in traveling entertainment is podcasts or applications for your phone or tablet. There are many on the market, aimed at different calming specialties.

While many of these are free through various online stores, some of the best come with subscription services. The subscription apps usually offer a wider variety of soothing guidance, with sounds aimed for specific situations, such as troubled sleeping, driving in traffic, or waiting in an airport.

Not all gifts have to be over-the-top. With these simple relaxation gifts, you’re not just handing over a present, but a little peace of mind.

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